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  • Michele Bream

    My Family - Michele

    God is faithful, he is merciful, and his Love has been showered on my family. Sid and I have been blessed with three boys, and our one daughter. We have 2 beautiful daughters through marriage, and now we can proudly say we are grandparents. Our life as a baseball family has had many highlights and ups and downs, but it has afforded many avenues to share our Love for Jesus. Through it all, whether the adoption of our Russian daughter, or the life of a major league mother with 4 children - i would love to tell how God has shaped who I am, and how he can make a difference in your life also.

  • Sid

    What I Believe

    Knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior means more to me than all of my accomplishments. I am not perfect, but Christ is, and His love for me was shown when He died for my sins on the cross of Calvary. I have so much peace in my life, because I know my wife and children know Him as Lord as well and that allows me to sleep peacefully at night. My only question to you is this, do you have that peace?

    My Life

    I have been married for 34 years, with four awesome children, and now a grandson. I signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers in June of 1981., was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1985 and became a Free Agent in 1991 and signed a 3-year contract with the Atlanta Braves. In 1994, I became a Free Agent again and signed with the Houston Astros. In 1995, I retired from baseball.
    I played in four consecutive National League play-offs; one with Pittsburgh and three with the Braves. I have also played in 2 World Series, while playing with the Braves. One was against the Minnesota Twins and the other was against the Toronto Blue Jays. I've had many memorable moments, but the one that meant the most was sliding home in the 1992 National League Championship Series against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 7th game.
    I was born in Carlisle, Pa. and raised in Mt. Holly Springs, Pa. I now resides in Zelienople, Pa., with my wife, Michele.
    I an an avid outdoorsman and love to talk about God’s awesome handprint across this world. I attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Today, after baseball, I spend most of my time speaking in churches, youth groups and schools all over America.

  • What People Say

    Thank you so much for coming. God used you in an incredible way. Definitely answered our prayers. Thank you also for your willingness to sign so many autographs. I didn't know what to expect there! You're very gracious.

    Your challenge to the men about being a great example for our children was incredibly moving. My 18 yr old and I have experienced some of the scenes you described, what a blessing it was.

    Your heart was transparent. Many commented on how they appreciated what you said.


    I'm home from our retreat, and I'd consider it 100% success!!

    Our team was very encouraged by your message. They were talking about it throughout the evening and still today. A couple of our military men were especially thankful of your gesture and expressed that to me.

    The most striking gift that you have (and I observed it from our waiter, all the technicians, and for myself) is that every encounter you have with someone makes them feel like they are the most important person in the world at that moment.

    I hope people are still talking about the slide for another 29 years. May God bless you each time you have another chance to tell the story and share your faith. Best wishes.

    Travis Craft

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